N U K A K A - Nunatsinni Katersugaasiviit Kattuffiat
Association of Museums in Greenland

NUKAKA is founded in 1993. The purpose of NUKAKA is to support interests of local museums, local archives and special museums. All local museums, local archives and special museums can apply for membership. Foo further information - contact the chairman.

Carl-Erik Holm
  Tasiilaq Museum
Box 112,
3913 Tasiilaq

+299 36 77 37
Hans Lange

Nunatta Katersugaasivia
Hans Egedesvej 8
3900 Nuuk

+299 34 22 14


Board Member

Jesper Stormly Enevoldsen, Narsaq Museum

Board Member
Board Member
Michael Rasmussen, Aasiaat Museum

NUKAKA's members list

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